Client Testimonials

Here is what some clients have to say after receiving contract lawyer services from Hansen Law Firm:

“Thank you again for your services on such a short notice.  We appreciated your help.”    4/21/21 Handwritten Note from BH, Executive

“Thank you, Nick! We want to thank you for sticking with us and guiding us through this process. I am so grateful I found you!” 3/9/18 email from PT, Managing Member of LLC

“Thank you so much for your help drafting this contract. I think the contract turned out great and is fair to both sides.” 2/16/18 email from LS, Managing Member of LLC

“I truly believe we would not have had a win without you.” 2/2/18 Handwritten Note from RM, Owner

“Thanks Nick for your expertise and skill in getting us away from this horrible situation. We are all truly appreciate of all your help.” 6/8/18 handwritten note from GS, Managing Member of LLC

“Nick, this is fantastic news! We appreciate your hard work.” 4/28/18 email from BH, former Owner

“Wonderful. You are the best! Thank you!” 4/23/18 email from JJ, Owner

“Thank you for all your hard work on my behalf.” 3/19/18 email from RT, Managing Member of LLC

“Thanks for being there for me and checking in with me.  I appreciate you.”  4/1/17 email from TH, Owner

“Wow!  Thank you for such great information and citing cases.  I really appreciate the response and the work you put into this!”  3/27/17 email from DH, Employee

“I’m so happy to get something back thanks to you.”  2/13/17 email from LS, Owner

“Thank you for being so communicative with me Nick, it’s really reassuring and helpful.  You’re the best!”  2/11/17 email from SJ, Owner

“Thank you for your time, advice and peace of mind.”  2/1/17 Handwritten Note from KM, Dentist

“Thank you very much! I am very impressed with your services.  I look forward to a long standing business relationship.”  10/7/16 email from JH, Owner

“Thank you Nick.  It’s a very detailed opinion, I appreciate the effort and professionalism put into this process.” 6/7/16 email from BH, Contractor

“I really appreciate all your help so I am sending a sincere thank you.”  6/10/16 letter from BS, Managing Member of LLC

“I really apprecaite the work you did for me with the contract… and you having my back with this contract stuff which is totally new to me” 5/22/16 email from TC, Licensee

“Thank you so much for helping us to resolve this matter.  It was a pleasure working with you.”  3/7/16 email from LV,  Owner

“That is so good. Thanks so much for your help! You are such a help!!” 3/2/16 email from KH, Credit Manager Midwest Floor Coverings

“Thank you for all of your time.  You have been a great attorney.”  3/1/16 letter from BS, Commercial Landlord

“He treated me more like family that a client.  Every time I called him he either answered the phone or called me right back.  I thought his billing rates were very inexpensive, and on a couple of occasions, he met with me without compensation.  I found Nick to be very professional, honest, trustworthy, prompt and extremely effective in dealing with the party I had issue with. During a conversation with the party I had the issue with, Nick was asked why he was so passionate about the situation, and Nick stated because, after reviewing the circumstances, his client had been extremely taken advantage of, and it was his duty to represent me and make it right to the best of his ability.   From my view, that ability was far better than I could have expected in reaching the end results. Thank you again for being there, when I had no other place to turn.  Carol and I, thanks to you, sleep much better with our problem behind us.”  February 16, 2016 via email

“Thank you Nick.  I hired the right attorney.  Much appreciated!”  CC, Owner, via January 29, 2016 email

“OMG, this is amazing news!!:):)  I couldn’t be happier with the results.  I am so thankful for the work that you did to get me to this point.  I can’t even put into words how good this feels to put this whole situation behind me.”  DF, via October 8, 2015 email

“CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!  Great job, Nick!”  AM, via September 17, 2015 email

“You made my day!  Thank you Nick for everything!”  MC, via September 17, 2015 email

“Thank you sooooo much!!!  I am very pleased with your work.  You are very professional.”  SM, Owner, via July 18, 2015 email

“You will never know just how much we appreciate your professional assistance in helping us in our hour of need.  I truly believe you were an answer to our prayers when I had few places to turn.  You said in our first conversation that you would do your best to make things right, and you did so much more than I could have ever hoped for.  Because of you that nightmare is over.”  CH and BH, via July 1, 2015 thank you card

“Terrific news!  Thank you so much for your excellent work on behalf of Midwest.”  AJ, CFO, via June 29, 2015 email

“This is very good.  Thank you.”  CC, Owner, via June 11, 2015 email

“This looks great. Thank you for your work.”  FN, Owner, via May 26, 2015 email

“Please do proceed and thanks for all of your great work on this…  I really appreciate how quickly you’ve done all of this with me.”  AK, Owner, via January 17, 2015 email

“Got it, nice job playing this, thank you.”  PW, Owner, via October 27, 2014 email

“We are real happy with the revisions you made, and we are very grateful to
you for working with us.”  SI, QC, via 5/23/14 email

“Nick the agreement looks great.  Thank you… I’d say we are a go.”  MB, Owner, via 5/23/14 email

“I’ve read over the response and I don’t see any need for edits.  It seems dead on and very complete.  You’re a rock star.”  KA, IC, via 4/7/14 email

“Nick, this is really well done…  Good job with this.”  PW and LW, Owners, via 4/5/14 email

“Thank you for everything so far and we are all appreciative of the quality and the cost/benefit ratio you are providing.”  CV, Manager, via 3/28/14 email

“[Just] wanted to again say thanks, for helping us to maneuver out of this thing both with the other side and with the complexity on our own side. You did great.”  PW and LW, Owners, via 3/19/14 email

“Win or lose, I just wanted you to know that you are a wonderful attorney and a joy to work with.”   JN, Doctor, via 2/26/14 email

“Once again, Nick, it is such a pleasure to work with you – [we] greatly appreciate all your help and effort, especially at this hour!” EI, Owner, via 9/11/13 email

“Your excellent work in prepping me for the deposition was very helpful and much appreciated.” DE, Partner, via 8/11/13 email

“But first and foremost I trust your experience and judgment on how to proceed at this point. Thanks for running this by me, it looks great” GM via 7/15/13 email

“Nick, thank you very much! [We] greatly appreciate your help – I can’t stress enough how lucky we are to have you” CDEC via 6/10/13 email

“Your comments are exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you very much.” TT via 5/06/13 email

“Thanks again for everything, you are awesome!!” Agent SM via 11/12/12 email

“This is a great result. Congratulations on a fine job. Please let me know the next steps to an award of fees. Thanks.” Claims Counsel LU via 11/12/12 email

“Success! That’s why we use the heavy hitters!” Owner DR via 8/6/12 email

“Good. That clause will be helpful. As you know, they were quite negligent of their duties until you became involved.” Owner DR via 8/6/12 email

“Thanks for all your help, tolerance and patience.” VP of Operations via 7/24/12 via email

“Thanks very much for your work on this case. We were highly impressed by your aggressive approach to defend us. Your attention to detail is amazing and at some point early in the process we actually all started thinking the exact same way!” TF via 1/15/12 email

“Thanks for all your help.” President and Owner CP via 10/5/11 e-mail

“Nicely done, Nick. Thank you so much!” JC via 7/14/11 e-mail

“You’re our #1 choice in Colorado!” Director Legal and Human Resources SC via 2/16/10 e-mail

“Nick Hansen proved to be a very able legal counselor and I’m grateful for your recommendation to employ him. If you ever have a need for legal help in Colorado, I would recommend him. He was excellent.” Board Member DK via 2/19/10 e-mail

“What can I say but THANK YOU with appreciation?” Board Member DK via 2/24/10 thank you card

“Thanks for all your help with our legal issues in Colorado.” Director Legal and Human Resources SC via 12/15/09 thank you card

“Thanks for your excellent work. As you said to me, we’re building something very interesting here.” President and CEO KR via 10/3/09 e-mail

The outcome of the prior legal matters addressed in the above testimonials is not necessarily determinative of the outcome of future legal matters or the outcome of your particular legal matter. The circumstances of every legal matter differ and the unique facts of every legal matter will affect its outcome.

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